Lifelong Learning

Covenant Village prioritizes a healthy mind and a healthy body. A purpose-filled life energizes you as you grow and learn. Choose what interests you the most and invigorates your spirit. Our monthly calendar includes offsite outings, access to local and metropolitan cultural events, and specially designed programs to help you thrive intellectually and creatively.

Our residents maintain vital community connections by supporting and volunteering local organizations, nonprofits, and causes. These organizations welcome the experience and energy that our residents contribute,

Visit the theater to take in a nationally touring Broadway musical. Cheer on the local Honey Hunters at Gastonia’s exciting FUSE ballpark or minor league baseball Charlotte Knights at their beautiful uptown stadium, or gather with friends in the assembly room to hear a local musician or speaker. Sign up for gardening classes to develop your green thumb, learn origami, or work with pastels in an art class. Plus, enjoy day trips to pick-your-own produce farms or try new cuisines during mid-day dining excursions with “the lunch bunch.” There is something for everyone.

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