Working at Covenant Village- A True Blessing!

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to find a job that gave a feeling of excitement and fulfillment? One where the Employee is valued? At a place where ideas and suggestions are always welcomed? Where the work environment is friendly, helpful, and kind – a home away from home feeling?  At an organization that cares for and provides the best for its Employees?

Sounds like a dream. Right?

At Covenant Village it is not just a dream come true, it is a BLESSING!  A blessing that only Covenant Village can provide to the people who work there.  A blessing of joy, fulfillment, opportunity, and belonging.

Anywhere you look at Covenant Village you will find smiles and laughter.  You will see Employees helping one another or sharing special moments with Residents.  Everyone knows each other by name and cares for one another. It is like one big family of different personalities, backgrounds, and experiences that supports one another and works toward one common goal – providing a wonderful place for its Residents to live.  A place where people receive the highest level of quality care and services and live with purpose, dignity, and grace.  All of this, thanks to the dedicated and committed Employees who work at Covenant Village.

Covenant Village Employees are dedicated to service.

For many Employees, Covenant Village has been their place of employment for over twenty (20) years! For some, it has been their only place of employment; it is where they plan to retire. These employees are drawn to a common commitment to CV CARES, our Covenant Village core values of Community, Vision, Commitment, Accountability, Respect, Excellence, and Safety.  They believe in the Covenant Village mission – to provide a community where all members live as God intended, in a culture committed to respect, compassion, safety, and possibilities; and they are inspired by our vision – to be the community where people live longer better…together.

The benefits – and blessings – run deep.

Our Employees receive many benefits from working at Covenant Village: the tangible benefits from an Employer who is concerned about your livelihood and professional development, and also the internal benefits you can feel and appreciate.

Part-time Employees receive paid time off, access to the Covenant Village Wellness Center, professional development opportunities, low-cost meals, Employee recognition and awards, and continuous support from management and co-workers.  Full-time Employees receive the same benefits as Part-time as well as excellent healthcare insurance options (including a FREE option!), a generous paid time off accrual, Employee Assistance Programs (such as scholarships, loans), Life insurance, Short/Long Term Disability, and more.

But the extra bonus – the Blessing – for all Employees is the Covenant Village work culture that is one of fellowship, teamwork, rewarding, belonging, and trust within a safe and secure environment.

So, is a Covenant Village job a way to pay the bills?  Sure.  But it is also MORE. It is a true BLESSING.  One that will bless your life, over and over, again.  There is no better place to work than Covenant Village – the place Where Life Is Filled With Promise!

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