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Staff Promotions

Covenant Village announced several internal promotions of individuals in its Property Services and Resident and Care Services departments. The following promotions were carefully considered to enhance efficiency within service areas and reinforce Covenant Village’s commitment to fostering a community where kindness, caring, and possibilities thrive. In navigating the ever-evolving changes of senior living, these promotions, which took effect on February 25, 2024, position Covenant Village for sustained success in fulfilling its mission.

“These promotions are made possible by our concerted efforts to develop strong leadership from within our community.  It is heartening to witness the dedication and professionalism exhibited by members of our Leadership Team, who have readily embraced additional responsibilities and contributed to refining operations, thereby setting Covenant Village apart as an exceptional community,” said COO Matt Gibbons.

Property Services

Seth Heustess has been promoted to Interim Director of Property Services.  Seth has been an integral part of Covenant Village since June 2015, serving in various capacities within Property Services, most recently as Assistant Director.  His dedication and extensive experience, coupled with the valuable mentorship he received from our past Senior Director, uniquely position him to excel in this new role. “I have full confidence that Seth will continue to lead our Property Services Department with excellence and innovation,” added Gibbons.

Seth shared, “I want to thank Covenant Village for the opportunity to better serve the Residents and Employees at another level.  I will lead with the highest integrity, best workmanship, and efficiency to complete all tasks.  This will be a new adventure for us all, and I welcome what’s to come.”

Additionally, Shane Brown was promoted to Interim Assistant Director of Property Services.  Shane has been the cornerstone of Covenant Village for an impressive 30 years of service, demonstrating unwavering dedication and passion in exceeding the needs of Residents.  His strategic planning and meticulous oversight have been instrumental in the maintenance and renovations that have shaped our community.  “Shane’s wealth of experience and deep understanding of Covenant Village make him an invaluable asset to our Leadership Team, and I am certain he will thrive in his new role,” said Gibbons.

“I wanted to take a moment to thank Covenant Village for the opportunity to continue my growth and further my development.  I’m honored to be offered this promotion and look forward to the new opportunities given to me and continue serving our Residents with this Leadership Team”, said Shane.

The Department of Property Services encompasses various services related to maintaining and improving properties, which include Maintenance, Renovations, Grounds, and Housekeeping.  Each of these services plays a crucial role in ensuring that properties are well-maintained, functional, and aesthetically pleasing for Residents and Guests.

Resident Care and Services

“Donna Kennedy’s journey with Covenant Village has been nothing short of remarkable,” said Gibbons.  Over the past six-plus years, she has been a fundamental part of various departments, gaining invaluable knowledge and insight into our community.  Her dedication and willingness to learn have been evident throughout her tenure.  This is evident in her recent nomination and acceptance into North Carolina’s LeadingAge Leadership Academy for 2024.

Donna stated, “When I started nearly 7 years ago, I had no idea where this journey would lead me”.

During the absence of Gibbons in 2023, as he participated in the year-long Administrator-in-Training process, Donna admirably rose to the occasion and seamlessly stepped into his role of leading Resident Care and Services.  Her leadership was pivotal in maintaining the overall support and care for our Resident community, demonstrating her exceptional ability to lead collaboratively across departments.  Her efforts ensured the continuity of care with the Resident Navigation Team, showcasing her adaptability and commitment to Residents’ well-being.

“This transformative experience has provided Donna the guidance and confidence to excel in her collaborative efforts with Residents and Staff.  Her passion for our community and her exceptional leadership skills make her a perfect fit for the role of Interim Resident Care and Services Coordinator,” said Gibbons.

“I have to say that I’m very humbled to be where I am today.  I appreciate everyone who has believed and trusted in me to get where I am today,” said Donna.

Please join Covenant Village in congratulating Seth, Shane, and Donna on their merited promotions. Their leadership and expertise will undoubtedly contribute to the continued success and excellence of Covenant Village.

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