Sarah Wentz

Covenant Village is delivering on its promises, says Sarah Wentz, who moved to the community with her husband David in 2019.

“I used to worry about aging. But, Covenant Village removes that worry,” says Sarah.

For as long as she can remember, Sarah has witnessed how this happens – for every resident who makes Covenant Village their home.

As a member of First Presbyterian Church of Gastonia, which led the way to opening Covenant Village in 1982, Sarah recognized the life-enriching benefits of living in a community, “where people from all walks of life are welcomed and cared for equally by a loving, compassionate staff who are happy to work there and truly interested in each resident.”

“Every day, there is the feeling that the entire staff is glad you are at Covenant,” says Sarah.

Sarah has experienced this first-hand.

Her mother moved to Covenant Village 15 years ago. And, when it came time for Sarah and David to discuss their own plan for post-retirement, she knew exactly where she wanted to be.

You might say Sarah’s mother led the way to the active, connected and worry-free lifestyle that Sarah and David envisioned for themselves.

“I’ve seen what can happen when you don’t plan for your future,” says Sarah. “My mother never wanted to burden my brother or me. Living at Covenant Village provides her tremendous confidence and relief, and I have peace of mind knowing she will receive the kind of care that I am not equipped to provide. It’s a wonderful gift to simply be her daughter and enjoy every day with her, without the worry of being a good caregiver.”

Covenant Village is helping Sarah and David make the same promise to their own children.

At first, Sarah was concerned about moving to the community early. At that time, she was 68 and David was 72.

Now, after two years – including one year during a pandemic – Sarah counsels others, “Make the move earlier. Don’t wait until there is the need.”

“It’s just like living in my home,” she adds, “but the security and conveniences are paramount. I never have to worry when I am away.”

Sarah and David live very active lifestyles. She retired as Vice President of Administration for the national Bradford Schools, Inc. in 2005, after 33 years. David retired from US Airways (formerly Piedmont Airlines and now American Airlines) after 35 years of service. They were not ready for the stereotypical retirement lifestyle.

“That’s what is different about Covenant Village. No one is waiting for the end to arrive. No one lives in isolation. There is choice and freedom to be as involved and active as you choose to be,” Sarah explains.

The Covenant Village Wellness Center takes center stage in Sarah and David’s life, in addition to many social activities with their cul-de-sac neighbors, serving on the Activities Committee, the Food Committee, and the Resident Council. They also remain active in church, and David never misses the opportunity to golf.

“What boggles me the most is the abundance of new relationships we’ve made since arriving,” she adds.

Sarah says that Covenant Village remains true to its mission of helping seniors live as God intended by being the place “where life is filled with promise.”

For Sarah, that means, “Not worrying our families, the assurance that I will always have a place here, new and treasured friendships, security and peace of mind, and the compassionate care of loving staff.”

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