Resident Handbook Revision & Implementation of New Policy

The day-in, day-out operational health of any organization is improved with regular and routine review and revision of its core by-laws, handbooks, operations manuals, policies & procedures, as well as rules & regulations.

Covenant Village recently completed a couple of rounds of review and revision to our Employee Handbook, and most recently with a review and some amendments to the Resident Association’s By-laws. I want to express our collective appreciation for this vital work: To Jenn Barker and Katie Proffit in HR, as well as to Resident Council President Sarah Wentz and the Council members, respectively. Additionally, the Executive Leadership and Leadership Teams were active sounding boards and vetting stops for the Employee Handbook.

We are next taking up a careful review and revision of the Resident Handbook. I ask that we all thank—in advance—the upcoming work on and efforts related to the Resident Handbook.

Pam Paige, Senior Director of Marketing & Admissions, had been the long-time gatekeeper for the Resident Handbook in her previous work as Director of Resident Services. She cared well for the Handbook during that time. She has graciously handed over those responsibilities to Matt Gibbons, Senior Director of Resident Care & Services, who will now spearhead the current review and revisioning process.

Matt has already started this arduous and detailed work. He has brought early thoughts and directional ideas to the Executive Leadership Team for initial feedback. He looks forward to working in tandem with Pam and Resident Council President Sarah Wentz—as well as the Resident Council. In fact, he began working with the Resident Council yesterday, during their November meeting, to garner their feedback and valuable input.

New Resident Handbook Policy


As you may be aware, this type of review and revision is of such importance that forsomeofitwewillalsoreachoutandconsultwithourlegalcounsel. Aswe started the initial review of the Resident Handbook, we identified a missing policy opportunitythatwearenowimplementing. Itcentersonconditionsinbothour life care agreements and direct admit contracts that urge Residents and their Families or representatives to abide by Covenant Village rules and regulations.

This policy was presented during yesterday’s Resident Council meeting for feedback. On their own initiative, the Council approved unanimously a motion to support the incorporation of this new policy as soon as possible. Earlier, it was presented to Board leadership with affirmation to move forward.

We are implementing a “Resident Conduct” policy, which is attached to this memo and is effective immediately.

For any suggestions or questions about the review and revision of the Resident Handbook, please contact Matt Gibbons, Senior Director of Resident Care & Services, at or 704.917.7856.

Resident Conduct Policy


Covenant Village may terminate a Residency Agreement and/or remove a resident, the resident’s representative(s), the resident’s family members, or the resident’s guests (individually and collectively, the “Resident”) from Covenant Village at any time if there is inappropriate behavior or conduct on the part of the Resident.

INAPPROPRIATE BEHAVIOR DEFINED: Inappropriate behavior or conduct includes, but is not limited to (“Inappropriate Behavior”): behavior or conduct which is disruptive, hostile, illegal, or harmful to or threatens the health, safety, well- being or peace of the Resident, other residents, staff, management, board members, or visitors of Covenant Village; inappropriate language (e.g. epithets, profanity, racial slurs, cursing, sexual innuendos); physically assaultive behavior (e.g. pushing, combativeness, striking); inappropriate demands that affect staff morale, community morale, demeaning or intimidating statements made orally or in writing (e.g. letters, emails, texts, social media, or memos sent to individuals under attack or to others about the individual or individuals under attack); acts of libel or slander; or excessive service demands (e.g. usurping the rights of others, lying, consistently demanding exceptions, or demanding priority over others).

Effective Date: November 22, 2022

-Dale Melton, CEO

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