Recent Uptick in COVID Cases Leading to Masks in Health Center

Last week we alerted the CV community to an uptick in cases. Since our first case last week, we have recorded a total of 19 Resident cases and 2 Staff cases. 

Fortunately, the majority of cases have been characterized as mild symptoms. No hospitalizations to date. We have also started releasing Residents from their quarantine due to being 10 days out from their first symptoms. BUT, this particular COVID variant is highly, highly contagious. 

To that end, we have implemented a Mask Mandate in the Health Center. Kevin Stewart, Health Services Administrator; Stephanie Wellman, Director of Nursing; and Erica Smith, Infection Preventionist decided Tuesday to take this next step. 

We still discourage independent living (IL) Residents from going to the Health Center, unless they need to go the Nurse Clinic, Legacy Therapy, or to report a situation at the Arbor Wing Nurses Station. It is preferrable that you call first. 

As we stated last week, we encourage everyone, particularly those 60 & older, to consult their primary care physician (PCP) if you have any concerns, questions, or symptoms. 

We continue to monitor developments related to the fall COVID Booster. Makers of these Booster shots continue to work on the best doses to confront current variants. Our annual Flu Clinics are October 9th (HC) and October 10th (IL & Staff). We await Edgeway Pharmacy’s shipment of the COVID Booster shots to schedule those Clinics. You may want to consider—with your PCP’s advice—the RSV vaccination this year. 


Covenant Village is strong and resilient, because you are strong and resilient. Even now, in these instances, we see how and why Covenant Village is Where Life Is Filled With Promise! 

We will continue to provide the latest information via community memos; Covenant Conversations; the Covenant Village website (; on our Facebook page; and our Resident Portal—Wellzesta. 

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