Kim Kling and Cory Sills Featured in MatrixCare Podcast

Kim Kling, our Senior Director of Finance, and Cory Sills, our Director of Technology, recently appeared in The Post-Acute POV podcast by MatrixCare to discuss streamlining our financial processes using technology. Listen to their discussion below.

Topics discussed during today’s episode:

  1. [00:37 – 02:45]: Lee introduces Kim and Cory before they share their origin stories, and the career stops that led them to their current roles.
  2. [02:45 – 04:54]: Cory and Kim detail the pain points their organization experienced prior to adopting Enterprise Financials.
  3. [4:54 – 7:08]: The pair highlight their smooth implementation experience and the hands-on support they received from the MatrixCare team.
  4. [7:08 – 9:58]: Kim shares her team’s favorite features from a financial perspective and Cory spotlights features that are helpful to his team on the technology side of their business.
  5. [9:58 – 11:23]: Cory and Kim provide a few examples of their users’ positive experiences using the solution.
  6. [11:23 – 13:12]: The pair detail the time and cost savings they’ve seen since adopting Enterprise Financials.
  7. [13:12 – 15:29]: Cory shares the impact of the ongoing support they’ve received since implementation and Kim details a recent positive interaction with our support team.