Interim Director of Nursing Appointed

We are pleased to announce that Stephanie Wellman, our Nurse Educator, has agreed to be Interim Director of Nursing (DON). 

Kevin Stewart, our Health Services Administrator, affirmed the following about Stephanie: “I am thankful Stephanie has agreed to continue the good work Sue Ashley has done and will become our Interim Director of Nursing. Her background as our Infection Control Nurse with her clinical experience will be invaluable as we continue into our 12th year of deficiency free surveys in the Health Center.” 

Stephanie started with Covenant Village in September 2019, providing invaluable Nursing Leadership in the Health Center, as well as supporting our Resident Nurse program for independent living Residents. She soon marks the first year as our Nurse Educator and Infection Control Nurse. She also serves on the Leadership Team. 

Stephanie remarked about her experience at Covenant Village and taking on this opportunity, 

When I first started at Covenant Village four years ago as a student, I fell in love with the Residents and the mission and principles which Covenant Village was built on. When offered a position in leadership as the Nurse Educator and Infection Control Nurse, I was speechless at the amount of support given to me during my transition into this new role. 

Over the past three years, I have not only gained knowledge but formed lasting relationships with Residents and Staff members, which allowed me to thrive in my new role and provide quality care to the Residents. 

“Every nurse was drawn to nursing because of a desire to care, to serve, or to help”—Christina Feist-Heilmeier. It is this desire to care, which leads me to serve as Interim Director of Nursing and to continue to support the Residents and Staff of Covenant Village to the best of my ability. I look forward to upholding the commitment to enhance the lives and care provided to our Residents and ensuring each Resident’s life is filled with promise. 

The Interim DON position is for up to 90 days as we undertake an extensive search for a permanent DON. We look forward to updating you on this process. 

Join me in affirming and lifting up Stephanie for her commitment and calling to serve as our Interim DON! 

Continued Gratitude for Extended Service 

All of Covenant Village wants to express our gratitude to Sue Ashley, who has served us ably as DON and worked with the Residents, Families, and Staff since January 2016. Sue began her work here providing leadership on the 3rd Shift before moving into the DON position, where she has served most of her time here. 

Kevin Stewart shared this praise of Sue’s gifts here: “Sue exhibits a rare combination of compassionate care and expansive clinical knowledge. Her unwavering commitment to the Residents of Covenant Village during the dark days of COVID will remain an important part of our Covenant Village history.” 

Join me in expressing our appreciation to Sue! We wish her well in the next chapter of her professional caregiver career. 

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