Glenda Gaddis

Glenda and Rick Gaddis believe family is everything.

Covenant Village believes this, too, and loves when family – especially the little ones – come to visit.

For the Gaddises, family means being available to support children and grandchildren when the need arises. Right now, Glenda and Rick provide daily care for their young grandson. Whether at Nolan’s home or at the Gaddis’ home, their grandson feels right at home on the Covenant Village campus.

Glenda and Rick worked very hard to prepare for this time in their life.

“To go forward, you have to have a plan,” says Glenda.

She and her husband both cared for aging parents. They wanted a different experience for their children. That’s what made Covenant Village so attractive to them.

“I like knowing that when the time comes, Rick and I will be well cared for. We can enjoy our children and be fully present as a family to treasure every moment together, without worry.”

Planning ahead comes naturally for this dynamic couple who raised their three children during Rick’s 20-year Navy career that included frequent moves to duty stations in Southern California; Dallas, Texas; Hawaii; and Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland. After returning to Gastonia, where Glenda and Rick were raised, Rick worked another 20 years for Gaston County, and Glenda served 32 years as an administrative officer for the Federal Aviation Administration, Flight Standards.

And while their days seem to be filled with giving their time to others, Glenda says that Covenant Village “takes so much of the burden,” that has enabled them to exercise, to attend regular chapel services and replenish their energy for family.

“I never had time to work out before,” says Glenda, adding that Covenant Village provides so many conveniences so that she can try new things and do what she’s always wanted to do.

That’s why Glenda believes a life filled with promise at Covenant Village means “Peace.”

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