Return to COVID Outbreak Status in the Health Center

As of Tuesday, November 15, the Covenant Village Health Center (HC) returned to COVID Outbreak Status, as defined by the Gaston County DHHS Office. A recent resurgence of positive cases emerged throughout the Garden Wing of the HC.

Through our continued COVID protocols and contact tracing work, it was determined that a HC Resident, who returned from a short stay in the hospital, was the first to show symptoms. The first verified cases were with three HC Staff, who all work in the Garden Wing. One of these Staff members has already returned to work after the required quarantine.

The HC Team proactively tested HC Residents in response to the current resurgence. Asaresult,atotaloffourHCResidentstestedpositivefromthis week’s testing. Current symptoms are mild with coughs and congestion. The last HC Resident to test positive was September 17th.

At this time, Outbreak Status requires us to increase testing for the next 14 days, a new standard with NC DHHS. Operationally, we continue as usual. We have asked Garden Wing visitors to try to limit their interactions for the next couple of days. We continue to monitor closely our situation.

To help mitigate on-going Outbreak Status, we strongly encourage the use of Masks while out in the Village or out for a trip. Just to be clear: Masks are Optional everywhere but the HC, where they are mandatory. While we encourageeveryonetowearaMaskwhileout,wearenotrequiringMasks. This step is highly recommended for personal protection, and we recommend everyone to consult their primary care physician (PCP) with questions or concerns.

Additionally, we are having our Third Booster Clinic on Thursday. We offered this new booster as an optional service, which has not been mandated at this point. We have asked all Residents and Staff to consult their PCP prior to getting any booster shot.


As we respond to this current resurgence, I am grateful for your understanding, patience, kindness, and grace towards one another, and to all in our Village, as we navigate this particular leg of the ongoing journey before us!

Covenant Village is strong and resilient, because you are strong and resilient. Even now, in these instances, we see how and why Covenant Village is Where Life Is Filled With Promise!

We will continue to provide the latest information via community memos; Covenant Conversations; the Covenant Village website (; on our Facebook page; and our Resident Portal—Wellzesta.

-Dale Melton, CEO

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