If only you could have witnessed what I witnessed. . .

If only you could have been part of our Leadership Team meeting this week as Team members shared their thanksgiving thoughts for this year. . .

If only you could have sat beside me to hear the words of gratitude that are generously expressed around and about our Village.

What makes these words all the more precious is that they were not shared during a normal, ascribed season of Thanksgiving, but throughout one of the most challenging seasons of Life and living we have shared together.

If only you could have heard the stories behind these passionate and poignant images of grace and gratitude:

  • First and foremost, God and God’s providential care these past 20+ months
  • Family—personal (Children and Grandchildren), but extended—particularly the meaningful extension of our CV Work Family
  • NICU Nurses and their care for a Colleague’s nephew, born pre-mature
  • CV Colleagues who are always at the end of a phone call, email, or text—ready and willing to help in any way and at any time
  • Spouses—one for nearly 47 years—who provide rich opportunities for living
  • Parents—a powerful remembrance of a Colleague’s Parents who raised nine children in a four-room house—to be Family-oriented and always there for one another.  Today, eight of the children remain to carry on that life-changing calling
  • Working alongside CV Colleagues who have a heart and calling for the life-transforming care we provide
  • For Covenant Village as our own community of faith—living by and acting on the Word of God—in ministry even outside our Village
  • Everyone’s Health—mind, body, soul
  • Life’s Challenges—Yes!  Thanksgiving for all the Challenges that Life brings that are ripe for incredible and purpose-giving Opportunities.

I truly believe that thanks giving is good for our health.  And there is research to encourage us in this direction!  When we focus on the wellbeing of others and take time to acknowledge even the quietest acts or words of kindness, Divine Love is present and magnified in the world. Imagine—if we focused on multiplying exponentially Love, Kindness, and Respect—As Louis Armstrong affirmed, indeed, “What a Wonderful World This Would Be!”

It only takes one person, one act to change our world. . .

The conversation Tuesday with the Leadership Team also featured responses to a prompt.  After acknowledging Who and/or What we are thankful for, Colleagues were asked to share: How Will YOU Show Your Gratitude?

If only you could have felt their passion. . .  So I invite you to enter into your Season of Thanksgiving—with your precious Family and friends—called by these images of How Covenant Village will show Gratitude as we move forward together. . .

  • Being more patient and caring!
  • Being positive and optimistic—come what may!
  • Demonstrating respect at all times!
  • Praising God!
  • Living a life worthy of our Calling and our way of Caring!
  • Doing our best at all times—lifting up kindness, dignity, and respect!
  • Giving back!
  • Saying “Thank You” more!
  • Paying it forward!
  • Continuing to help and provide care with all I do for others!
  • Being totally here—at CV—Blessed and grateful to do what I can each and every day!

I also believe it is this culture of gratitude that distinguishes our Village apart in a significant way. It is the essence of who we are—and—who we aspire to be.  As we continue to live into the graceful art of thankful living and giving, we strengthen that which makes our community the place Where Life Is Filled With Promise.

Michelle and I pray grateful and grace-filled blessings upon you and yours this Season of Thanksgiving.  May you find rich moments of celebration, fond memories, and intentional gratitude-sharing!


Dale Melton

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