COVID-19 Update: COVID Omicron Variant Surge

TO: Covenant Village Residents, Families, and Friends
FROM: Dale Melton, CEO
DATE: January 7, 2022

As we are exiting the wonder and excitement of the extended Holiday Season, the omicron variant is raising its ugly head. You see the mind-blowing numbers in the news: 92% increase in new cases—since last week; 67% increase in hospitalizations;andeven5%increaseindeaths. Thisvirusisstillpowerfuland deadly. Fortunately, and overall, the omicron is less severe than the delta variant.

Currently, we have four active COVID cases. All are Staff. All are either asymptomatic or experiencing mild symptoms.

To that end, we are taking the following pre-emptive action steps. They go into effect today (Friday) at 5:00 pm.

  • We are cancelling group gatherings for the next 2-3 weeks, while continuing to monitor the COVID developments.
    • Group gatherings would include but not limited to: Meeting or eating in a Common Area; Activities; Bible Study/Chapel; Bingo; Craft Class; History Class; Circle Groups; Book or Garden Clubs; Shopping Trips; and Wellness Class.
  • Staff will be required to wear two (2) masks while on campus: Either two surgical masks or one surgical and one cloth mask.

Here is what you should continue—provided you wear your masks correctly (everywhere!); physically distance (at least six feet apart); and make all the good decisions you have made these last 22 months:

  • You are still free to go out, as you so desire or need to go out. We encourage you to keep your medical/dental appointments. Medical transportation will continue.
  • You are still free to welcome visitors into your home. Whether Family, friends, or neighboring Residents. We would ask you to do the following:
    • Do not mix outside visitors with Covenant Village Residents
    • Meet with outside visitors separately
    • You may enjoy Resident company—for meals, entertainment, conversation—but no more than four (4) and without any outside visitors in attendance.

Please continue to monitor your symptoms and to call the Arbor Wing Nurses Station with any concerns or questions.


Covenant Village is strong and resilient, because you are strong and resilient. Even in these times, we see how Covenant Village is Where Life Is Filled With Promise!

We will continue to provide the latest information via community memos; Covenant Conversations; the Covenant Village website (; on our Facebook page; and our Resident Portal— Wellzesta.

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