Staff Promotion, New Hire, and Office Restructuring

We all have experienced, in our own unique ways, how the unexpected (even tragic) times in our life bring the opportunities for a new approach and an occasion to re-envision the way we live, even work. 

Covenant Village continues to mourn the loss of Brenda Harris. We continue to lift up her life and legacy in our midst. Of the many subject matters Brenda and I would discuss over our three plus years together, one centered around dreaming new dreams — and ways of doing things around the office. Her vibrant smile would radiate even more than usual when we tried something new or made a noted improvement. She loved taking on something new for her Village! 

I know — as do you — she would be so excited (and would expect nothing less) about how we continue to move forward even now in her absence. 

Today, I am excited to announce the re-imagining of the Administration Office within two vital roles. One is yet another example of a Covenant Village Staff member stepping up to a new level of calling and caring; the other welcomes a new role for our Village. 

To that end, Kristi Marvin, who is our Front Desk Receptionist, is taking on a new and expanded role as Front Office Manager. Kelley Sills, new to the Staff, is becoming our first Communications Assistant for Covenant Village. 

Stepping Up into New Responsibilities 

One of the truly blessed vantage points I get to behold are the occasions when someone or some group steps up and stands out. We have experienced this countless times during our ongoing bout with COVID. And that has made ALL the difference! 

Most recently, Kristi Marvin, our Front Desk Receptionist, in creative and ongoing ways, asked to help out in the absence of Brenda. In some tangible ways overnight, Kristi took on important daily office operations which we knew we needed, and even some we did not know we needed. She has been a blessing to me personally and Covenant Village collectively.

As a result of her diligence and vigilance, as well as an opportunity to re-envision the Front Office operations, Kristi is becoming our new Front Office Manager. She will be responsible for staffing the Front Desk and keeping the Front Office operating as a direct service to the Board, Residents, Staff, as well as Guests and Visitors. 

As conversation about this new role enfolded, Kristi responded, 

I’m so excited to be able to help Covenant Village, Residents, and fellow Employees in this new opportunity. I have been here for 1 ½ years and have loved working with everyone. The Residents and Staff have been very welcoming to me. A little bit about me: I was born and raised in Southern California and moved here three years ago. I have a daughter, son-in-law, and a 15-year-old grandson in California, as well as a son and daughter-in-law in Florida. 

Please share with Kristi your appreciation for all she has done and will do for us! 

A Vital Role Expanded 

Communications is the lifeline of communities and relationships, as well as our daily work. The COVID Pandemic, among many lessons about life, taught us how vital it is to focus on and to be intentional about clear, consistent, and constant communications. 

For some time now, I have tried to conceive of an opportunity to expand purposefully our Communications capabilities. We have done so through the implementation of numerous communication tools: Paycom (our HR and Payroll system) that enables us to reach out to Staff in efficient fashion; our new Website (, which is an incredible internet platform for us; and Wellzesta, our Resident communication portal, which has become central to our overall communications strategies and approach, particularly internally. 

Key Staff and Leadership Team members, along with Residents, have been crucial to this build up of resources! 

Now that we have the infrastructure in place, we are poised to share the wonders, treasures, and bright future of Covenant Village more vibrantly, more clearly, and more consistently. And Kelley Sills will be an instrument, led to us by God, to make this happen. 

As I mentioned earlier, out of tragedy something new can emerge. One of the more immediate needs we had in the early days of Brenda’s loss was the ability to have meetings transcribed for us into minutes. There are important and essential Board and Leadership Team and Resident Council and Resident Quarterly meetings happening all the time now. 

Cory Sills, our Director of Technology, approached me with the offer that Kelley, his wife, would be willing to help out in a temporary way — during this time of need. She jumped right in and provided this vital transcription service with grace, determination, and quick effectiveness. What a blessing! 

As her work continued, she and I entered into conversation about how she might continue — in a more direct way — to assist further the Village she had come to know and love, but indirectly through Cory. It was clear to me early on that Kelley poses the gifts and graces of communication. You should hear her articulate and share her faith journey, for one! 

I brought Jenn Barker, Senior Director of Human Resources, into the dialogue, which only confirmed that we were being led in the right direction for such a time as this! We talked about an expanded role to assist me and our Village with an overall communications strategy and program. To that end, I created the position of Communications Assistant, which is a part-time and remote role for Covenant Village. We have not looked back. Kelley recently shared, 

Covenant Village has been dear to my heart for the past eight years, even though many of you don’t know who I am. My husband, Cory Sills, began working at CV in April of 2014. Ever since then, I have heard of you and about you on almost a daily basis. I have visited multiple times, joined in family activities/events, and have had the pleasure to meet many of you. I am MORE than excited to become a direct part of our Community, rather than just living vicariously through Cory! It is truly an honor to join the Covenant Team! 

Kelley has a degree in Elementary Education; a heart for ministry within her community of faith — Lifeway Church in York, SC — as Creative Director of Worship; and a deep love for her Family. She homeschools Hannah and Christian. 

Please welcome her to the CV Family in this new and exciting role! You will have the opportunity to meet Kelley at the upcoming CV Resident Association Quarterly meeting on Tuesday, April 19th (3:00 in the Main Assembly Room). 

Continued Gratitude for Extended Service 

I want to express my continued gratitude to Matt Gibbons, Senior Director of Resident Care & Services, and Donna Kennedy, Resident Care Concierge, for their additional efforts to make themselves and their new Department accessible to all Residents (who live independently) for any Resident Care & Services needs that Residents might have. 

Join me in expressing your appreciation to them, as well! 


Covenant Village is strong and resilient, because you are strong and resilient. Even now, we see how Covenant Village is Where Life Is Filled With Promise! 

We will continue to provide the latest information via community memos; Covenant Conversations; the Covenant Village website (; on our Facebook page; and our Resident Portal—Wellzesta. 

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