New Neighborhood

A demand for cottage-style residences has necessitated immediate investigation into the idea of adding approximately 10–14 new single-family home designs on our 4-acre site on the Southwest portion of the campus, between existing cottage cul-de-sacs.

Covenant Village is considering a design concept known as “pocket neighborhoods” or “park neighborhoods,” a grouping of homes around a central, shared courtyard or common garden (or park), designed to promote active lifestyle living, community building, and connection to the outdoors.

Pocket neighborhoods offer efficient use of land and provide Residents direct access to nature and outdoor amenities. A popular Pacific Coast design that has come our way, examples of this concept are being developed at Arbor Acres, Winston-Salem, NC; Givens at Highland Farms in Black Mountain, NC; and at Bishop Gadsden in Charleston, SC.

Covenant Village is considering a concept that would provide a ring-road along the exterior of the rectangular 4-acre site. The street-facing side of the homes would include the driveway, garage, and an entry door. The park-facing side of the home, often referred to as the “front of the home”, would feature a large porch and/or sunroom-den, the open great-room style living area, master bedroom, and views from the open-style kitchen – all facing the commons area with landscaping and trail-like sidewalks to emphasize human connection.

We will test home sizes ranging from ~1,600–2,200 square feet of living space. The design vernacular will likely blend the charm of traditional design with the mountain-modern design that is currently reflected throughout our campus.

Due Diligence

Covenant Village is currently conducting due diligence regarding this idea and the use of a 4-acre parcel. WellPointe Advisors LLC has been enlisted to conduct one-on-one interviews with interested members of our Futures Club, as well as with people who attended one of our previous Strategic Visioning discussion groups. Each interview will:

Update and share

  • The reprioritization of the new neighborhood on the 13-acre site,
  • Images of the projects approved for renovation and enhancement,
  • The exact location for the potential pocket neighborhood,
  • Concept drawings and photography of potential elevations and floorplans, and
  • Estimated pricing and timeline.

Ask your opinion related to the new potential pocket home neighborhood:

  • Proposed location/site
  • Site plan and lot locations
  • Design concepts (exteriors, interiors, and floor plans)
  • Interior amenities/optional features
  • Smart Home technology options,
  • Courtyard or park concepts,
  • Entrance fee plan options, and
  • Timing/schedule.

Interviews are being held through January 7, 2022. Please contact Brenda Harris to schedule a date, time, and place. You can call or email Brenda at

  • Phone: (704) 867–2319. If Brenda doesn’t answer, please leave a message.
  • Email:

Brenda will confirm with you the date, time, and place to meet (at your home, at Covenant Village, or via Zoom).

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