Master Planning Benchmarks

In 2020, Covenant Village launched a strategic visioning process to identify corporate objectives, potential enhancements, expansion plans, and potential new product lines to expand its mission and enhance senior living in Gaston County over the next five, ten, to 20 years.

The Strategic Visioning Committee and the Project Development Team persevered throughout 2020 and the COVID-19 Pandemic to present a Strategic Vision to the Covenant Village Board of Directors, achieving significant strategic benchmarks during 2021, and preparing for a Master Planning process to ensure the vitality of Covenant Village for the future.

Planning Benchmarks in 2021

In 2021, Covenant Village accomplished multiple major planning benchmarks, including:

  • Strategic Visioning Plan. We developed a Board-approved corporate Strategic Visioning Plan (a long-term Missional & Business Plan) referred to as 2020 Foresight.
  • Consumer Research. We interviewed nearly 500 current residents, future residents, and stakeholders, through discussion-group research sessions, on a variety of potential initiatives related to renovation and expansion plans for proposed new amenities, residences, and services.
  • Master Plan. We engaged a group of professionals—The Project Development Team (PDT)—including architects, civil engineers, interior designers, landscape architects, a general contractor, and financial feasibility analysts, project development and marketing consultants) to develop a full Master Plan for campus development that can take us into the next 15-20 years.
  • New Brand Identity Platform. We rolled out a fresh, updated brand promise and identity system with a new logo, tagline, color palette, website, positioning statements, communications program, and materials.


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