Enhanced Living — One Step Up

If you’ve been around Covenant Village long enough, you’ve most likely become familiar with the acronym we use to describe our Core values: CV CARES = Community, Value, Compassion, Accountability, Respect, Excellence, and Safety.  As implicated in our Core Values, it’s our mission to enhance the lives of those we serve. One of the most recent and notable ways we have executed this goal is through the massive renovation of one of our residential halls, formerly known as B-1 Hallway.

What was once twelve studio apartments has now been transformed into four newly designed one-bedroom suites and four studio suites. The new layout and design are not the only, or even the biggest change that is taking place on this hall, however. Covenant Village is now excited to introduce a brand-new service for its residents:  Enhanced Living.

Matt Gibbons, Senior Director of Resident Care and Services, describes Enhanced Living as “independent living, with one step up in assistance.” Matt explained that residents who live on this hall receive all standard services PLUS additional concierge services such as daily check-ins, scheduling for personal and medical appointments, activities, etc., medication reminders, bathing and self-care reminders, errand assistance, personal laundry assistance, and more! In addition to this, these residences are conveniently located next to Covenant Village’s Health Center which allows for more immediate and efficient access to the nurses’ clinic, Resident Nurse, rehabilitation and therapy services, and the Health Center’s dining and assembly rooms.

I recently had the opportunity to speak with a few key staff members, in addition to Matt, who have invested themselves into this new space and service offering. One of Covenant Village’s Maintenance Supervisors, Shane Brown, has overseen and managed this project from day one. Shane mentioned this is the largest and most extensive project he has ever taken on.

When asked what has been most rewarding about this renovation, Shane noted the boost in confidence it has given him. He said, “I was nervous to do this, but it was a challenge I wanted to take. It has really grown my confidence.”

The original contractors that bid on the B-1 Hallway renovation project quoted a timetable of 8 months and a price tag of $1.3M. Shane and his team are on track to complete this project in 6 months’ time at approximately $700k.

The interior design theme was decided by surveying a panel of current and future residents’ interests and tastes. Pam Paige, Senior Director of Marketing and Admissions, said the decision came down to “mountain modern” which is a cozy, yet modern direction for Covenant Village.  This hall renovation is being used as the catalyst for the mountain modern style, which will be seen more throughout campus as areas are renovated, updated, and expanded upon.

Not only has this space undergone a major renovation in its footprint and design, but it has received a new name as well. Covenant Village’s Naming Committee, which consists of small groups of residents and staff, decided to name the B-1 Hallway, “Founders Hall.” Pam explained that Mrs. Stuart, wife of Covenant Village’s founder the late Dr. James G. Stuart, knew that her husband would not have wanted anything named solely after himself. She recognized that her husband may have been the visionary of Covenant Village, but she wanted others involved to have their efforts honored as well. Therefore, Mrs. Stuart suggested the name, Founders Hall.

Pam shared that interest in Founders Hall has been very high, not only from current residents, but also from those on the Covenant Village Waitlist. Pam and Matt agreed that the concierge services offered on this hall provide an excellent bridge between fully independent living and assisted living, which is found in the Health Center.

When choosing the right person to fill the concierge position, Matt knew he wanted to hire someone that had excellent interpersonal communication skills, was welcoming, pleasant, engaging, and diligent. He said, “Any skill can be taught…but personality can’t be taught.” Covenant Village has a practice of hiring from within whenever possible, and this is exactly what Matt did when he offered the job to Lisa Shirley.

Lisa currently works in the Activities Department in the Health Center. She noted that many of the concierge responsibilities she will be taking on are things she has already been accustomed to in the Health Center, as she frequently works with residents one-on-one. Lisa is excited about her new role and believes her current job is preparing her for what is to come.

For more information about Enhanced Living on Founders Hall, please contact Pam Paige in Marketing and Admissions, or Matt Gibbons in Resident Care and Services. And remember, Enhanced Living concierge services are customizable to fit YOUR lifestyle and needs!

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