//COVID Update: Re-Opening Independent Living in Measured Ways

COVID Update: Re-Opening Independent Living in Measured Ways


To: Residents of Covenant Village From: Dale Melton, CEO

Date: August 6, 2021

With no current active Resident or Staff COVID cases, we will gradually re-open the

Independent Living (IL) portion of the Village in measured ways. On Monday, August 9th:

  • At 8:00 am and starting with Breakfast, the Dining Room will re-open to service.
  • The Wellness Center will re-open to Residents and Village Club Members only, and will include both group exercise classes and personal training.  Normal Wellness Center hours will resume:  5:00 am to 10:00 pm.
  • Bible Study will take place in the Assembly Room at 3:30 pm.
  • Appointments will resume with the Nail Tech in the Beauty Salon.  We are in an active search for a Beautician.  If you know of anyone who could be interested, please let Matt Gibbons or Donna Kennedy know!
  • Visitors will be allowed back on campus—provided:
    • They meet the Welcome Center screening requirements (already in place prior to the recent closing to non-essential Visitors);
    • They wear a Mask at ALL times on campus; and
    • They physically distance (six feet) from others during their time on campus.
  • Chapel will take place in the Assembly Room on Friday at 11:00 am.

We will hold off on other re-openings at this time, such as group activities. If we continue to be active case-free, we look to re-open more for group activities the following week.

Due to local and state regulations, we must be clear of all COVID cases in our Health Center for 28 straight days before we can re-open in the Health Center. We will soon begin Week Two of that count.

Currently, there are no known active COVID cases on campus. All Health Center (HC) Residents, who previously tested positive, are no longer on active status with the virus. All previous Staff cases are approved to come back to work as of this weekend.

As you may have seen in the news, Gaston County’s COVID metrics—as throughout the State—are climbing.  In fact, the County’s % Positive metric skyrocketed to nearly 15% this week.  That means we are now back to twice weekly Mandatory Testing in the Health Center, starting Monday.

One continued reminder to everyone—Residents, Family members, and Staff—Please do not inquire about the vaccination status of anyone.  That is a private, personal matter that each individual decides about whether to disclose.

For now, everyone on campus must continue to wear a Mask and maintain physical distancing while out and while in the company of others.

We remain resolved and resilient—even in the face of this unexpected and unwanted fourth surge. Our prayers go out to Residents, Families, and Staff impacted by these recent developments.  Though we have come a long, long way, we all know that the Virus is still active and growing in the community, region, state, and nation. We must continue to be steadfast in our attentiveness to COVID.

Please, let us all be careful when we are out and around others!!  Wear your Mask and practice the physical distancing now.  We can do this!!  We are Covenant Village!!

We will continue to provide the latest information via community memos; Covenant Conversations on Facebook and Wellzesta; the Covenant Village website

(https://covenantvillagenc.com/); and on our Facebook page.