//COVID Update: COVID-19 Outbreak Status

COVID Update: COVID-19 Outbreak Status


To: Residents of Covenant Village

From: Dale Melton, CEO

Date: September 27, 2021

At this time as we start the last week of September, we have four (4) active COVID-19 cases on campus. The great and reassuring news is that all four come off the active status later this week (Wednesday and Thursday). This does include one Health Center (HC) Resident who has done well throughout the quarantine and comes off active status on Thursday.

The most recent active case was a HC Staff member, resulting from the mandatory testing on September 17. That is now our date to restart the countdown for the 28 consecutive case-free days needed to re-open the Health Center (HC). At no point during this recent resurgence have Residents or Staff been hospitalized. A number are asymptomatic, while others have mild to moderate symptoms.

Please remember, we did restart on-campus visitations at the start of the month, which has been helpful to HC Residents and their Family members. If you have not been able to take advantage of this opportunity, we would encourage you to do so.

Regrettably, Gaston County’s % Positive metric skyrocketed to just north of 17%, after reporting on September 20th. We continue twice weekly testing until this metric goes back below 10%. The State’s % Positive is 9.0%, after last week’s high of 13.7%, which bodes well for continued declines, we hope.

Another good reminder: It was pointed out to me the other day by Kim Kling, Senior Director of Finance, that the “silver lining” of twice weekly testing is we uncover positive cases sooner since we test more often. That is a great point—and helps us get ahead of any new developments.

We do have ongoing EXPOSURE concerns, particularly with independently living (IL) Residents, who remain active either going off campus or having visitors on campus and in their homes. We have one confirmed positive case of an IL Resident being exposed to the virus while spending time off-campus. Fortunately, this individual has been off-campus for an extended period of time, including the time when and since exposed.

As we have shared with you, we may well see these types of scenarios increase.

Recently, the Gaston County Department of Health & Human Services did an evaluation of the Health Center regarding our ongoing Nursing Care. After their survey of our services, we received affirming acknowledgement of quality Resident care and services. We continue to be grateful—even in the midst of industry-wide staffing shortages—for the strong and diligent efforts of our Health Center Nursing Staff!

Even though we are doing well at this point, everyone on campus must continue to wear a face mask and maintain physical distancing while out and while in the company of others. If you are outdoors, you can remove your face mask, IF you maintain the six- foot physical distancing.

Mask-wearing goes for Staff, as well as Residents. The only situations where Staff may not be seen wearing a mask is when they are in their office alone or in a meeting where all involved can be six-feet apart at all times.

We remain resolved and resilient—even in the face of this concerning fourth surge. Our prayers go out to Residents, Families, and Staff impacted by these recent developments. There are areas in our country that are seeing new cases, hospitalizations, and even deaths at levels experienced only previously at the height of the initial surge. The Virus is still active—even as we see declines in areas and for any period of time. We must continue to be diligent and vigilant in our attentiveness to COVID.

Please, let us all be careful when we are out and around others!! Wear your mask and practice the physical distancing now. We can do this!! We are Covenant Village!!

We will continue to provide the latest information via community memos; Covenant Conversations on Facebook and Wellzesta; the Covenant Village website

(https://covenantvillagenc.com/); and on our Facebook page.