Becoming a Resident

Your first step to becoming a Covenant Village resident is joining our Future Members Community.

Simply submit a completed application, including the necessary forms for approval (personal information form, financial statement, and personal health history), plus a $1,000 application fee. This fee is non-refundable, but will be credited to your entrance fee upon your move-in.

As apartments come available, Covenant Village will contact you according to the date you entered the Future Members List. If you are not ready to move to Covenant Village and pass on the open residence, you remain on the waitlist.

If you accept an offered residence, we encourage you to spend several days on campus as our guest. This invaluable Orientation opportunity allows you to experience our community as a resident and helps confirm your decision that Covenant Village is where you can live your best life.

At the time of move-in, you must

  • Pay the entrance fee in full (less the application fee).
  • Pay the monthly fee, which will be prorated from the move-in date to the end of the month.
  • Sign the admission agreement. Admission agreements change from time to time and keep up with changing legal requirements. Please review the current agreement and fee schedules before signing.
    the contract.

* Staff assistance is provided to applicants throughout the entire discernment and admissions process.

Ready to Become a Resident?
Reach out to us for an application by calling 704-867-2319 or click the button
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What is Life Care?

An explanation of fees

Life Care provides you with an enhanced retirement experience. You can enjoy an active, independent lifestyle of comfort thanks to the true peace of mind that Life Care delivers. By paying an upfront Entrance Fee, you receive the guarantee of quality healthcare services for life. You not only receive the assurance of quality healthcare, but you also receive true peace of mind that comes from feeling confident about your future.

The entrance fees you pay when you enter Covenant Village ensure that it will be your home for the rest of your life or until you choose to leave. Should you become unable to live independently, your Life Care Agreement ensures that you receive quality care in our Health Center.

Levels of Care

  • We provide meal preparation, house cleaning, maintenance, security, and transportation while you can live independently in our apartments or cottages.
  • We can assist you with bathing and dressing, and administering medications in our assisted living area if you need these services.
  • We have a fully licensed skilled health center that can deliver quality, compassionate medical care.

Personal decisions deserve a personal conversation. Call or email to set up your life plan consultation and tour. Our Marketing Team will help guide you throughout this process and explain the details of your agreement.

Residents are responsible for pharmacy services, physician services, prosthetic devices, medical supplies, and any medical treatment, care, or therapies not included in routine nursing care.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Life Plan Community (also known as a continuing care retirement community)?

Covenant Village is a Life Plan Community, or continuing care retirement community (CCRC), defined by North Carolina. Life Plan Communities provide ongoing care for residents as they progress from independent living to needing some assistance to needing total assistance with activities of daily living.

Covenant Village is a non-profit organization governed by a volunteer, independent Board of Directors, which consists of elected members from some of our founding faith communities and business leaders from our local community. The board hires the Chief Executive Officer to manage Covenant Village daily.

We are licensed as a continuing care retirement community by the State of North Carolina’s Insurance Commissioner’s office. Each year we must provide certain information to the State concerning our financial practices, operating procedures, and services to our residents to assure that we are financially sound. We are required to share that information with prospective residents before they sign a contract with us. You will be provided a copy of this information (the Disclosure Statement) when you join our Future Members Community. The Division of Facility Services fully licenses our Health Center under the Department of Human Resources of North Carolina.

The minimum age for one person is 65 years of age. For a couple, one must be 65 and the other at least 62 years of age.

Covenant Village is for active seniors. All residents must live independently without the direct assistance of another person (including staff, spouse, family, or friend) in terms of physical and cognitive abilities and activities of daily living. We may not be able to meet your needs in the apartments or cottages if you need assistance. Adaptive devices are permissible if a resident can otherwise live independently.

Residents must complete the three application forms, personal health history form, and confidential financial statement.

As a non-profit, Covenant Village has no income other than that received from residents as entrance fees, monthly fees, or donations. Monthly fees provide the money necessary to operate Covenant Village. Entrance fees ensure the funds to provide a comfortable and safe environment and the full continuum of healthcare.

There is a waitlist for apartments and cottages. The length of wait depends on the type of unit, and it can vary over time. It is difficult to predict the exact time due to the uncertainty of predicting vacancies. Our staff will be happy to estimate the waiting time for a particular unit based on experience.

We encourage you to join the community of future members to make friends and enjoy selected amenities at Covenant Village long before you move into your new home.

You can join the waitlist with a $1,000 non-refundable application fee and submitting three required application forms. An interview with our Senior Director of Marketing and Admissions completes the application process.

Our waiting list is ordered chronologically by date. Only one application fee or entrance fee is required for individuals or couples. You may have your name on our waiting list for as many types of accommodations as you choose.

If you are contacted and choose not to come at that time, you retain the same position on the list. You do not go to the bottom of the list, regardless of how often you pass on an opening.

Each time there is an opening, staff will begin contacting each person who has indicated an interest in that type of residence. If you are contacted and turn it down, you are not guaranteed the very next unit that becomes available, as we will continue to work our way down the list. It does give you as much flexibility as possible in determining when you choose to enter Covenant Village.

Once you have been offered and accepted, you have 60 days to move in or begin paying the entrance fee and monthly fee. You will pay your entrance fee and sign the Life Care Agreement (contract) on move-in day or at the end of the 60 days (whichever comes first). Your monthly fee will be prorated for the first month. If you begin paying the monthly fee but do not move in right away, you will receive meal credits.

We have an orientation to make your move easier. You will be our guest at no charge for several days. Our Hospitality Committee will host you for meals and help you learn your way around. Orientation helps you meet other residents and allows you to make sure that Covenant Village is for you. Final approval for admission comes from the Admissions Committee on our Board of Directors after you have accepted a specific apartment and completed your orientation stay.

There is a partial refund of your entrance fee to you or your estate during the first years of occupancy if you leave Covenant Village for any reason. The refund period for the apartments is 25 months. Four percent (4%) of your entrance fee will be deducted for every month or part of a month you live at Covenant Village. In our cottages, the refund period is 50 months. We subtract two percent (2%) for every month or part of a month you live at Covenant Village. There is also a $1,000 refurbishing fee for both types of residences. There is no apartment refund after 25 months and no refund for cottages after 50 months.

The first 90 days after fees begin is known as the Orientation period. Should you need care in our Health Center permanently or temporarily during these first 90 days, the Board of Directors has the right to charge you the “full-pay rate” instead of the apartment or cottage rate for Health Care indicated on the rate sheet.

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