//Active COVID Case Update: Resident and Staff Cases

Active COVID Case Update: Resident and Staff Cases


To: Residents of Covenant Village From: Dale Melton, CEO

Date: December 2, 2020

Let me start off by expressing my thanks for all that Residents and Staff have done during our

first 10+ days of, at least, a two-week campus-wide quarantine and shutdown. You gave us a good, first step in this stage of our ongoing battle with this dangerous and vicious virus.

Here is where we stand Wednesday morning, December 2nd: We have 11 active cases (3 Residents and 8 Staff). That is down two (2) in total cases from this time last week.

Resident Case Update:

  • Just to demonstrate the dynamic environment we are in with this pandemic, we had six

(6) Residents to come off the active case list this week (Five in apartments and 1 in a cottage). You will recall we shared previously that three (3) new Residents were added from last week’s mandatory Health Center (HC) testing.

  • All current Resident cases are in the HC.

Staff Case Update:

  • Just to demonstrate the dynamic environment we are in with this pandemic, we had three (3) Staff to come off the active case list this week, but four (4) were added onto the active case list.
    • Of the four (4) new HC Staff cases, two (2) were results from outside tests. Two (2) were from Monday’s mandatory Health Center (HC) testing.
    • Of the eight (8) current Staff cases: Three (3) are in Housekeeping and five (5) are Nursing Staff.

We know you can help us stop this insidious virus in our Village, by your diligence and vigilance!

Total Cases: As of December 2nd

Where Do We Stand with the Current 14-Day Mandatory Campus-wide Quarantine?

The Leadership Team and I will be meeting Thursday morning to determine whether the current quarantine is lifted or extended and for what areas, programs, and services. Obviously, the Health Center will remain on lockdown due to the current active cases there with both Residents and Staff.

We will get out information to you on the quarantine sometime on Friday.


As we have shared all along, any positive cases, potential symptoms, or potential exposures are serious for us at Covenant Village. The health and safety of our Residents and Staff continue to be our highest priority. In Gaston County, we continue to be in a period of significantly increased new daily cases, hospitalizations, and deaths. We are now one of 10 Counties marked with the highest level of COVID severity in the State. Unfortunately, we expect the County’s

% Positive metric to go above 10% sometime next week. That will mean we are back to twice weekly on the State’s Mandatory Testing for HC Residents and Staff.

We CANNOT let our guard down. We believe in YOU!! We know you believe in Covenant Village. Everyone should be doing Our Best for Each Other’s Best Interests! We have a long way to go—particularly as these Fall and Winter Seasons settle in! We need a clean and clear

14-day window. We can do this. We will do this—together!!