//Active COVID Case Update: Resident and Staff Cases

Active COVID Case Update: Resident and Staff Cases


To: Residents of Covenant Village 

From: Dale Melton, CEO 

Date: December 8, 2020 

Let me give you a current update on where we stand relative to active COVID cases. We currently have 23 active COVID cases between Residents and Staff. There are 12 Residents and 11 Staff comprising our current total. You will see what we hope is a helpful breakdown in the chart below. 

We are tracking three (3) independent living (IL) Residents—one each in the A-Building, B-Building, and Cottages. 

By and large, all are doing well (some even asymptomatic) or valiantly battling the virus, for which we are grateful. We do have one Staff member in the hospital at this time. 

Additionally, you should know that with the Gaston County % Positive metric increasing well above the 10% threshold, yesterday we began twice weekly mandatory testing for Health Center (HC) Residents and Staff. Anytime the County’s % Positive is north of 10%, we are obligated to test twice weekly. 

As you have noticed, we do expect these number of active cases to fluctuate moving forward— even throughout this week as numbers of both Residents and Staff will come off the active list and as our mandatory testing discloses new active cases. 

As more and more of our Residents venture off campus, our collective shield weakens. We all are seeing the State number skyrocket—and we haven’t started adding all the cases from Thanksgiving quite yet. That is particularly alarming! Please consider only necessary and essential trips off campus between now and the New Year. 

You can help us stop this menacing virus in our Village, by your diligence and vigilance! 

Please: Wear masks at ALL times; Minimum 6 feet distancing; Wash your hands frequently; No group gathering!! And do NOT visit in someone else’s home and do NOT allow any visitors in your home. We must stay ahead of the virus in any and all ways possible. 

Thanks for all you have been and are continuing to do!! Total Cases: As of December 8th 
Active  Total  HC  IL 
Resident  12  9  3 
Staff  11  9  2 
Former  Total  HC  IL 
Resident  15  6  9 
Staff  20  17  3 
TOTAL  Total  HC  IL 
Resident  27  15  12 
Staff  31  26  5 
58  41  17 


As we have shared all along, any positive cases, potential symptoms, or potential exposures are serious for us at Covenant Village. Our highest priority is the health and safety of our Residents and Staff. 

We CANNOT let our guard down. We believe in YOU!! We know you believe in Covenant Village. Everyone should be doing Our Best for Each Other’s Best Interests! We have a long way to go—particularly until the vaccine arrives! We need a clean and clear 14-day window. We can do this. We will do this—together!!