//Active COVID Case Update: Mandatory Campus-wide Quarantine

Active COVID Case Update: Mandatory Campus-wide Quarantine


To:  Residents of Covenant Village

From: Dale Melton, CEO

Date:  December 4, 2020

After 14 days in quarantine, we have received no new COVID positive test results in independent living (IL) Residents.  As a result, and thanks to the overall commitment of compliant IL Residents to this necessary shutdown, we are lifting the current mandatory campus-wide quarantine Monday morning, December 7th.

Everyone must realize—Residents and Staff—that we remain in a difficult and delicate position.  We will probably remain in this position until the vaccine is distributed and takes effect.  Additionally, everyone must realize that if circumstances change, we could be right back in a mandatory quarantine position.  The Leadership Team and I will not hesitate to take that action.

For now, here is what ending the quarantine means for you:

  • We encourage you to continue the goal of 30 minutes outside—on your patio/balcony, sitting in the sun, or out walking.
  • The Beauty Salon will re-open for service with only one Resident, at a time, in the Salon. You will be contacted to set up an appointment.
  • Apartment Residents will be able to resume use of the Laundry Rooms.
  • The Mailboxes will be available to Apartment Residents and the Inter-Campus Mailboxes to all Residents.
  • Meal Delivery will continue for all Residents.
  • Medical Transportation is available as you have need.
  • The Resident Library in the B-Building will re-open. Only one Resident, at a time, may check out books and other resources.
  • The Wellness Center will re-open the Pool and the Equipment Room. Residents who are not on the Self-Isolation List may use the facilities in the morning (8-12 pm), and those who are on the Self-Isolation List may use the facilities in the afternoon (1-4 pm).
  • We also encourage you to continue using the Exercise Equipment on the Apartment Building floors.
  • We encourage you, as you are out and about around campus, to visit all the Christmas decoration sites on the Main Floor.

The following areas will NOT re-open at this time, but plans are underway to assess their readiness to re-open at a later date:

  • No one should be visiting in another Resident’s home.
  • There will be no Communal Dining for the foreseeable future.
  • Small group Activities remain tabled for, at least, the next week.
  • Chapel, Communion, and Bible Study will continue over the internal TV channel.
  • Housekeeping services will remain on a bi-weekly schedule for now, so that we can redeploy Staff to other vital areas of need.
  • On-campus Visitations remain tabled for now. We hope to receive guidance soon from the State on Indoor Visitation.  We have already identified locations and coordination is underway to make this happen when we get the go-ahead.

These are the base guardrails that mark the backyard in which we can move forward together, starting on Monday.  As the situation warrants and our collective behavior allows, we look forward to enlarging our opportunities.

As more and more of you venture off campus, our collective shield weakens.  Please consider only necessary and essential trips off campus between now and the New Year.

You can help us stop this insidious virus in our Village, by your diligence and vigilance!

Please:  Masks at ALL times; Minimum 6 feet distancing; Wash your hands frequently; No group gathering!!


As we have shared all along, any positive cases, potential symptoms, or potential exposures are serious for us at Covenant Village.  The health and safety of our Residents and Staff continue to be our highest priority.

We CANNOT let our guard down.  We believe in YOU!!  We know you believe in Covenant Village.  Everyone should be doing Our Best for Each Other’s Best Interests!  We have a long way to go—particularly until the vaccine arrives!  We need a clean and clear 14-day window.  We can do this.  We will do this—together!!