//Active COVID Case Update: Mandatory Campus-wide Quarantine & Shutdown

Active COVID Case Update: Mandatory Campus-wide Quarantine & Shutdown


To:  Residents of Covenant Village

From: Dale Melton, CEO

Date:  November 20, 2020

Let me start off by expressing my apologies for all recent increased and seemingly unending communications and updates.  I know I am frustrated that no sooner than a memo goes out the playing field changes and/or the information becomes outdated.  That change requires then a new memo.  I suspect that frustrates you, too.  Just know:  We want you to be informed.

Today’s memo:  You need to know that I am coming to you now with the most significant memo to date, quite possibly even with all the previous memos combined.  Some of what follows will sound familiar from the first time we shut down the campus early in our pandemic experience.

With Board leadership approval, we are implementing a Mandatory Campus-wide Quarantine and Shutdown for all levels of care and areas at Covenant Village.  This quarantine includes all areas of independent living—both apartment buildings and cottage communities.

We have seen a marked increase in the number of active COVID cases on campus over the last couple of weeks (now 13 active cases as of this memo).  And we have quarantined and shut down an entire apartment floor.  Now we are seeing—through our Contact Tracing protocols and investigations—potential exposure and growing concerns with Residents on other floors in the B-Building, as well as with Residents in the A-Building.  Based upon the recommendation from our Health Center and Infection Control leadership, we simply must take aggressive action to get out ahead of the virus on our campus.  The time is now.

We know you can help us stop this insidious virus in our Village, by your diligence and vigilance!  We are also grateful for Board leadership and its support in these virus mitigation efforts.

What do we need as Covenant Village?

We need a full and clear 14-day window, free of new cases, to fight off this virus from our campus, and YOU will help us make that possible!

What does this mean for you?

  • For the next 14 days and until Saturday morning, December 5th, you must remain quarantined in your home at all times.
  • One caution I must share is any new positive case in independent living will extend the 14-day window.
  • No Apartment Resident should be in the halls or any common areas or gathering spaces in the apartment buildings. No Cottage Resident should be in either apartment building.  No Resident—Apartment or Cottage—should be in anyone’s home but her/his own.
  • Get some fresh air outside! We encourage you to spend some time outside—either on your patio or balcony, 30 minutes a day minimally—whether in an Apartment or Cottage.  When you are outside, you must be masked and more than six (6) feet apart from anyone else.  If you go outside for a walk, please exit and re-enter the apartment building in the quickest, most direct way possible.  Do not stop and do not talk with anyone.  Go directly to your home.

How are Covenant Village and its caring Staff going to assist you and enable you to successfully quarantine?  We can do this for your safety, benefit, and ongoing care.  Here are a number of opportunities, encouragements, and services we are going to provide.

  • Meals will continue to be delivered to all Apartment Residents. Additionally, we started delivery of meals to Cottages this evening, just like we did in the early weeks of the Pandemic.
  • For Apartment Residents, we will deliver to you and pick up from you the Mail. We are working on a delivery schedule for each Building and floor.  This will include both the USPS Mail and the inter-office Mail.  Early next week, we will share the details and process on how this will work.

For Cottage Residents, the USPS Mail will be delivered and picked up the same as usual.  If you have any mail that needs to come to the Office, contact the Front Desk and we will pick it up from you.

Package deliveries will continue, as usual.  All Apartment packages will be delivered to your door.

  • Regarding Laundry: We are working on a pick-up and drop-off schedule for your laundry.  If you have Family/Friends nearby who can pick up and launder your clothes, we will get your laundry to the Welcome Center where Family/Friends can pick it up and deliver it back.  We will then deliver the clean laundry back to you.

If you do not have Family/Friends nearby who can do your laundry, we will secure laundry service for you on campus.  Please contact the Front Desk.

The Laundry Rooms and Community Kitchens will be locked for the time being.

  • Housekeeping will be stopped during the quarantine. You can make any special requests for equipment or cleaning aids through Wellzesta, WorxHub, or by calling the Property Services secretary.
  • Maintenance service will be for emergency issues only. You can make requests for essential services through Wellzesta, WorxHub, or by calling the Property Services secretary.

Please, know that Property Services and other Staff members will be diverted to areas of greatest need during this pandemic quarantine.

  • Medical transportation should be for necessary or essential appointments only. If you can re-schedule a routine office visit or appointment, we would encourage you to do so for now.
  • As I tell you all the time in the Covenant Conversations, if you start to feel ill or start exhibiting any symptoms, please contact the Arbor Wing Nurses Station at 704.917.7857. We will provide a telephone assessment with you, which will enable us to offer the help or assistance you need.  At this time, we cannot go room-to-room with every request.  The Resident Nurse will focus on monitoring active cases, symptomatic Residents, and emergencies.

As we have shared all along, any positive cases, potential symptoms, or potential exposures are serious for us at Covenant Village.  The health and safety of our Residents, Staff, and larger community continue to be our highest priority.  We are in a period of significantly increased new daily cases, hospitalizations, and deaths in Gaston County.  We are now one of 10 Counties marked with the highest level of COVID severity in the State.

We CANNOT let our guard down.  We have a long way to go—particularly as the Fall and Winter Seasons settle in!  We need a clean and clear 14-day window.  We can do this—together!!