//Active COVID Case Update: Mandatory Campus-wide Quarantine & Shutdown, Week 1

Active COVID Case Update: Mandatory Campus-wide Quarantine & Shutdown, Week 1


To: Residents of Covenant Village From: Dale Melton, CEO

Date: November 27, 2020

Let me start off by expressing my thanks for all that Residents and Staff have done during our

first week of, at least, a two-week campus-wide quarantine and shutdown. You gave us a good, first step in this stage of our ongoing battle with this dangerous and vicious virus.

Last week, I shared with you the most significant memo to date, quite possibly even with all the previous memos combined. With Board leadership approval, we implemented a Mandatory Campus-wide Quarantine and Shutdown for all levels of care and areas at Covenant Village.

This quarantine included all areas of independent living—both apartment buildings and cottage communities.

Here is where we stand today: We have 14 active cases (9 Residents and 5 Staff). That is up one (1) in total cases from this time last week.

Resident Case Update:

  • Just to demonstrate the dynamic environment we are in with this pandemic, we had one
    1. Resident to come off the active case list this week, but three (3) new Residents were added from Tuesday’s mandatory Health Center (HC) testing. All new cases are in the HC.
  • A ray of warm sunlight in all we are experiencing: We retested the non-positive Residents on the 2nd Floor of the B-Building. Those results all came back negative.
  • Of the nine (9) active Resident cases:
  • Five (5) are on the 2nd Floor of the B-Building. The most reported issue is lack of energy.
  • One (1) is a Cottage Resident.
  • The three (3) new cases are in the HC.

Staff Case Update:

  • Just to demonstrate the dynamic environment we are in with this pandemic, we had five

(5) Staff to come off the active case list this week, but four (4) were added onto the active case list due to results from Monday’s mandatory Health Center (HC) testing.

  • All four (4) new Staff cases were asymptomatic. That was a change from the more recent Staff cases, which were mildly symptomatic.
  • Of the five (5) current Staff cases: One (1) is in Food & Nutrition; with two (2) each in Housekeeping and Nursing Staff.

We know you can help us stop this insidious virus in our Village, by your diligence and vigilance!

What do we need at Covenant Village?

As we shared last week, we must have a full and clear 14-day window, free of new cases, to fight off this virus from our campus, and YOU will help us make that possible! We do have new cases with Residents and Staff in the HC, but none in independently living (IL).

Admittedly, that is mixed news.

What does this mean for you?

  • Until, at least, Saturday morning, December 5th, remain quarantined in your home at all times.
  • One caution I must share is any new positive case in independent living will extend the 14-day window.
  • No Apartment Resident should be in the halls or any common areas or gathering spaces in the apartment buildings. No Cottage Resident should be in either apartment building. No Resident—Apartment or Cottage—should be in anyone’s home but her/his own. Obviously, the HC has been on lockdown for over a month now.

o Areas of improvement: Residents should not come to the Front Desk, and NO Resident should be in another Resident’s home, period!!

  • Get some fresh air outside! We encourage you to spend some time outside—30 minutes a day minimum—whether in an Apartment or Cottage. When you are outside, you must be masked and more than six (6) feet apart from anyone else. If you go outside for a walk, please exit and re-enter the apartment building in the quickest, most direct way possible. Do not stop and do not talk with anyone. Go directly to your home.
  • As we have said back in mid-March, if you start to feel ill or start exhibiting any symptoms, please contact the Arbor Wing Nurses Station at 704.917.7857. We will provide a telephone assessment with you, which will enable us to offer the help or assistance you need. At this time, we cannot go room-to-room with every request.

As we have shared all along, any positive cases, potential symptoms, or potential exposures are serious for us at Covenant Village. The health and safety of our Residents, Staff, and larger community continue to be our highest priority. We are in a period of significantly increased new daily cases, hospitalizations, and deaths in Gaston County. We are now one of 10 Counties marked with the highest level of COVID severity in the State. Unfortunately, we expect the County’s % Positive metric to go above 10% sometime next week. That will mean we are back to twice weekly on the State’s Mandatory Testing for HC Residents and Staff.

We CANNOT let our guard down. We believe in YOU!! We know you believe in Covenant Village. Everyone should be doing Our Best for Each Other’s Best Interests! We have a long way to go—particularly as the Fall and Winter Seasons settle in! We need a clean and clear 14-

day window. We can do this. We will do this—together!!